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On puppy pouncing, whirring and dreaming

Words.  Who needs’em? Two weeks.  Two weeks. Advertisements

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On the banjo and the moonlight

All the mammals in the house chose the dark and climbed up into the biggest bed in the house tonight, along with a hundred year-old banjo and a full moon.  Back resting against flannel, feather and stucco, toes tucked into … Continue reading

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On puppy breath

Sixteen years ago Dusan got Bebe, daughter of Sam the Poet.  A calm Jack Russell is a gift not to be taken lightly and we kept one of her daughters so that we could keep the line going.  Five years … Continue reading

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On building a sea kayak in Montana

For six years I have been working on making a 14-foot mahogany sea kayak in Montana, partly for the same reasons that I wrote a thesis on Czech monks.  It’s been delayed a few times.  It’s not wise to work … Continue reading

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Sneak a ski

I was working on an invoice last night when Dusan came in.  Too suddenly it was time to be cooking dinner, but I found myself sent instead out for a quick solo ski with Bebe.  This Jack Russell is sixteen … Continue reading

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On winter cold and hot iron

-13 degrees this morning on the way out to the birds!  Let the newly adopted chicken out of her cage into the big pen with the others, no strife.  I identify her as she’s (temporarily) the only White without a … Continue reading

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On weaknesses

Weaknesses? I have weaknesses.  Veined forearms. Leather-bound books.  Egg yolk on your fingertips.  Nasturtiums.  Joan & David shoes.  Jungle houseplants that need help or are out of control.  Big dogs.  Big pieces of metal.  Driftwood.  Flowery sun dresses with black … Continue reading

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