On puppy breath

Sixteen years ago Dusan got Bebe, daughter of Sam the Poet.  A calm Jack Russell is a gift not to be taken lightly and we kept one of her daughters so that we could keep the line going.  Five years ago she was struck by a car and killed.  None of Bebe’s other puppies have given us a continuation of the line, though some of their owners went to extraordinary lengths to try.  (Thank you, Patty!!!)  So we waited.

Dody Clifford of Clyde Park’s Forelock Farm has been working for 30 years on a line of calm Jack Russells, and in a few weeks we will be bringing a puppy home. Her mama is lovely, her daddy is gorgeous and her aunt’s a champion in both show and trials, which isn’t common. She has a brown head and black raccoon eyes, dark brown shoulder patch and a black spot on her tail.  She is big and sweet and quiet.   You can see her (and hear them!) here.  I can see her here: popcorn around us as we head out to feed, disappear-bouncing into snow drifts, making Bebe wonder what she did to deserve this.

I am one happy puppy.


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4 Responses to On puppy breath

  1. Cherilyn says:

    Wa-HOO! I’d been waiting for a phone call or email all day to hear the news! Congratulations! Name?

    • Not sure on a name yet. I think she needs to be here. Dusan intersected me on my way out to the birds with the news. A Valentine’s puppy. What a great litter and we probably couldn’t go wrong, but it’s more squiggly this way.

  2. kate says:

    Such lyrical posts! i’m adding you to my blog roll, which I haven’t figured out how to post more prominently on my blog (you have to go to About…) but I will sometime soon.

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