On a savvy ambassador…

In the process of this latest work, I came across this speech made by the Indonesian ambassador at the Heritage Foundation. What makes this interesting is that this man is a visionary, and incredibly sharp, so it’s just a pleasure. You don’t get someone giving his take on the changes in this next century every day. So it provides a framework for my news  intake. I also am thinking that this should be recommended for parents, for understanding what we can give to these children and what they will be able to give. And finally, remembering that the Heritage Foundation is a conservative think-tank organization, hearing him speak to them has a particular pleasure, especially during point 4. You kind of have to give them credit for inviting him. Some say he may be the next Indonesian president, which would probably be excellent.  I’m kind of in love.

Remember also, that Indonesia has the 4th largest population in the world, the largest Facebook/Twitter per capita use in in the world, the largest Muslim population in the world, and has become over the last two decades a moderate, secular, democratic nation.  This is all rather remarkable.  And they have Bali.  They are, and will become even more of, a force in the world.  


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