On sneaky fostering of handwriting letters

“a lady’s traveling box” from Thomas Sheraton
The Cabinet Maker And Upholster’s Drawing-Book (1793), with accessories for both writing and dressing… visit http://www.hygra.com/writing.html  for more fun!

Or BLATANT fostering.  I promised some further resources to those who (thanks again!) all came to play with letters and letter-writing toys this terrific afternoon at the Bozeman Public Library.  The homing pigeons had a great time.  I had a great time.  I’ve decided to share the letter writing prompts again one at a time later so you can play with them over the days.  Here are some further promised resources:

  1. Margaret Shepherd wrote The Art of the Handwritten Note.  A terrific book to own and open if you’re even considering sitting down to write one.  Graceful and provocative, human and funny.  
  2. You don’t need to do envelopes!  There are many, many ways to do this, but look here and here for great letter-folding sites for turning a letter into its own envelope.
  3. Visit ‘Letters of Note’ and Shaun Usher’s sister site ‘Lists of Note’.  The inclusion in both sites of the originals and transcriptions along with introductory notes make these sites fascinating, historically priceless and hilariously, tragically and fabulously human.

Note:  Letter writing is your avenue and invitation to explore other things — calligraphy, antique lap desks with secret drawers, sketching, painting, field kits, journals, marginalia, travel, gratitude, romance, forgiveness, extra desks, new business clients, appreciated old business clients, family memory, historical wit through the centuries, battle strategy, handwriting, insertions of leaves, scents, herbs, fabrics, or feathers; children’s letters, and personal signatures, among others.  Figure out which are yours and claim them.  

Yes, we’ll be doing all of this again.  Let me know if you want to be included in more play. Or subscribe to the blog over to the right, here.  

Further questions? Ask! 

And I tell you this.  I set these balls rolling, start these pebbles lobbed out into the water, and yes, I would really, really love to know some of the ripples that are rolling out.  If you will, please let me know when you wrote, how that was for you, what happened?  It will make me very happy. (Blog comments are just fine, don’t worry that you have to write me longhand (-:)

Be brave.  Be silly.  Use terrific inks.  Write well and be happy.


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