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On sneaky fostering of handwriting letters

“a lady’s traveling box” from Thomas Sheraton The Cabinet Maker And Upholster’s Drawing-Book (1793), with accessories for both writing and dressing… visit http://www.hygra.com/writing.html  for more fun! Or BLATANT fostering.  I promised some further resources to those who (thanks again!) all came … Continue reading

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On celebrating the handwritten letter

I have asked the Bozeman Public Library to help me with a long-held project.  In January the Library will be celebrating the extraordinary beauty of handwriting letters (and sending them!)  We invite you to join us in an exploration of … Continue reading

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Birthday letter to an old friend

“I was born in ’69, ma’am. I was born in ’69.” Dearest, I mildly remember Watergate, and when someone gifted Ronald Reagan with a white Arabian stallion.  I was furious.  The explosion of the Challenger and of Mt. St. Helens.  And … Continue reading

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On four-dimensional symmetry

    “Four-dimensionality suggests new forms of symmetry and asymmetry. Objects or events that seem perfectly compact and well-proportioned in space can be rendered four-dimensionally flat or narrow or oblong by their unusual extensions in time.  The difference, for example, between a … Continue reading

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Raw material

I held yesterday family letters from two centuries and two coasts (the 18th and 19th, the left and the right).  They tentatively unfolded into enthusiastically detailed death accounts and whimsical mini-essays (“The Life of a [silver] Dollar”). Have read about … Continue reading

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